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25 Old Fashioned Cornbread Recipes

Who doesn’t love old fashioned cornbread recipes? They’re perfect for holidays and Sunday dinner. Serve them up with soup, chili, and so much more. See all the different ways you can whip up this bread below. 

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Easy Classic Recipes 

There’s nothing like a big slice of cornbread with melted butter and a delicious crispy crust. Pair it with your favorite pork chops and pinto beans for the perfect southern meal. These classic cornbread recipes will surely not disappoint. 

  1. Easy Cornbread

This mouthwatering cornbread recipe is freshly baked with whipped Honey Butter. You will need eggs, milk, butter, sugar, yellow cornmeal, cake flour, baking powder, salt, and honey! 

piece of cornbread on white plate
  1. Sweet Honey Cornbread

This old fashioned cornbread recipe is the classic side dish you will love. With key ingredients like yellow cornmeal, vegetable oil, honey, whole milk, and butter what’s not to love? Don’t forget to top it with a pat of butter and drizzle of honey!

cornbread with butter on top on white plate
  1. Whole Grain Cornbread

If you want some whole grain CB with your chili try this easy recipe. Make it from scratch with 100% white whole wheat flour and whole grain yellow cornmeal. It’s extra nutritious and full of flavor. 

cornbread in white baking dish cut in squares with honey and butter on side
  1. Jalapeño Popper Cornbread

alapeño popper cornbread is just the recipe you need for a tailgate party. With crisp, chewy, and savory flavors you won’t be able to get enough. Make a big batch so everyone can have their fill. Serve with your favorite bbq and collard greens recipes.

cornbread with jalapeños on top on brown plate
  1. Gluten Free Cornbread

Key Ingredients for this recipe include Gluten-Free all purpose flour, Xanthan gum (omit if using Bobs Red Mill 1:1), Cornmeal, Buttermilk, Avocado OR Canola Oil, and 1 large egg at room temperature. Equipment Needed include an 8×8 inch square pan, Parchment Paper, Mixing Bowls, and Baking Utensils!

stack of cornbread with butter on top
  1. Skillet Honey Butter Cornbread

You can use any kind of cornmeal for this old fashioned cornbread recipe but the author recommends a medium ground yellow cornmeal. That’s because it creates the perfect balance of grit, fluff, and color. 

cornbread cut in triangles in circle cast iron pan
  1. Old Fashioned Cornbread Recipe

Whip up the best homemade Cornbread Cake recipe. It is a sweet, and fast cake-like bread with a moist texture. Made from scratch it’s ready in less than 30 minutes. The best side dish for Thanksgiving, a Fall spread, Christmas, or a weeknight supper. 

stack of fluffy cornbread on white plate
  1. Instant Pot Cornbread

Instant pot CB is quick, easy, and delicious! You can make a big batch and store the extra in an airtight container at room temperature for 1-2 days. It freezes well too for up to 2 months. It is very economical and is made entirely of everyday pantry staples.

circle loaf of cornbread with two slices cut out to the side

Old Fashioned Cornbread With Buttermilk

One of my favorite ways to make cornbread is to grab my nana’s old school recipe. These delicious southern-style cornbread recipes are baked until they’re golden brown and are great to bring to a family reunion or get-together. 

  1. Southern Buttermilk Cornbread

This made from scratch recipe makes the perfect side dish for a quick and easy holiday, weeknight dinner, lunch and summer, potlucks, lunch boxes, parties, and more. The buttermilk makes it extra buttery and moist!

cornbread in cast iron pan
  1. Sweet Buttermill Cornbread

This classic southern cornbread with buttermilk is simply the best and so delicious. With a crunchy crust and soft buttery center, it is a staple bake in homes for a reason. Other ingredients you will need are cornmeal, flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, oil, and eggs.

stack of squares of cornbread with butter on side
  1. Easy Cornbread From Scratch

This is the best and easiest cornbread recipe ever! All you have to do is mix the ingredients and bake until golden crisp. Your results will be extra soft and buttery in the center. 

close up of stacked cornbread
  1. Simple Fluffy Cornbread

This cornbread is such a lovely recipe that is made with pantry staples like cornmeal, flour, and sugar. Everyone will love the hint of sweetness that compliments all your  warm, savory dishes. The use of a cast iron skillet adds a brown crust that’s unique to this cooking method! 

overhead view of cornbread in cast iron skillet with honey on side
  1. Old Fashioned Southern Cornbread

This old fashioned Southern cornbread recipe goes so well with warm meals like soups, stews, and chilis. If you love sweet cornbread for breakfast or as a side dish simply double the sugar – yum! 

cornbread with honey being drizzled on top of it
  1. Cornbread Homestyle Recipe

Whenever I make this recipe I use the stale leftovers to make stuffing for a tasty side dish that’s perfect for Thanksgiving! This traditional southern cornbread recipe is sweet, buttery, flaky, and moist resulting in the best addition to any main course.  

cornbread square with honey being drizzled on top

Dairy- Free Recipes 

There are so many ways to make the perfect cornbread, and you can certainly do it without the dairy. Top it with a little bit of vegan butter, and you will have the best cornbread recipe with the absolute best crust. 

  1. Vegan Cornbread Recipe

If you want a vegan version of the classic try this recipe. With soymilk, apple cider vinegar, flour, cornmeal, sugar, apple sauce, and canola oil. The author recommends using unsweetened applesauce as your egg replacer. 

old fashioned cornbread with honey and butter on top
  1. Dairy Free Cornbread

This rustic gluten-free old fashioned cornbread recipe is baked in your favorite cast iron skillet. It takes a total of 35 minutes from start to end. You will need cornmeal, millet flour, sugar replacement, baking powder, baking soda, almond milk, coconut yogurt, and honey. 

cornbread in big cast iron skillet
  1. Vegan Jalapeño Cornbread

Vegan Jalapeño Cornbread is gluten free, moist, tender, and has a slight kick from the jalapeño! Made with vegan buttermilk, dairy free sour cream, and dairy-free cheddar.  

old fashioned cornbread with jalapeño in cast iron skillet
  1. Pumpkin Maple Cornbread

Ingredients for pumpkin maple cornbread include cornmeal for an easy classic yellow color. The author recommends fine or medium grind cornmeal to compliment the cake-like texture. Other key ingredients include flour, pumpkin purée, and maple syrup. 

close up of cornbread squares
  1. Gluten Free and Dairy Free Cornbread

Puréed corn adds extra moisture along with the dairy free buttermilk, not to mention extra corn flavor! The gluten free all purpose flour blend provides the bounce and fluff, while the cornmeal provides the classic cornbread crumb.

cornbread cut into squares on parchment paper

Cornbread Muffins 

Cornbread muffins are a great addition to any southern meal or even a crockpot meal on a cold day. These recipes only use a few ingredients and are ready in no time! Toss a little jalapeño in for a bit of spice, or add some honey on top for the perfect amount of sweetness. 

  1. Old Fashioned Cornbread Muffins

Make this muffin recipe in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.  Applesauce is a key ingredient utilized as a fat replacer. It’s a lovely side for chili and other mains. They have a moist yet hearty texture that complements the flavors.  

split cornbread muffin with dipping sauce on it
  1. Easy Cornbread Muffins

Easy cornbread muffins are easy to prepare, serve, and even dip into soup. You can substitute any neutral oil, unsalted butter, and even white cornmeal. Other necessary ingredients include sugar and whole milk. 

basket of golden cornbread muffins
  1. Pumpkin Cornbread Muffins

Chicken cornbread muffins are ready in 30 minutes flat. They are super fun to make in the fall with real pumpkin purée, brown sugar, and more. You will also need fall spices like cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, and cloves. 

pumpkin cornbread muffins cut in half with butter on white plate
  1. Southern Cornbread Muffins

When you make this recipe I’m sure you use self rising cornmeal and not cornbread mix. The author recommends Virginia’s Best Self-rising cornmeal. Also add just a little white sugar for moisture. 

cornbread muffins on wooden cutting board
  1. Honey Cornbread Muffins

This old fashioned cornbread muffin recipe is better than any store bought mix because the batter comes together in one bowl. You can substitute butter for oil in the milk for non dairy milk if you would like. Top this cornbread muffin with a butter and a little honey.

basket of cornbread
  1. Homestyle Cornbread

Homestyle cornbread uses shortening to make it extra thick and fluffy. However you can substitute canola oil or vegetable oil. You can also substitute whole milk for sour cream or buttermilk for a tangier result.

cornbread muffin cut in half with butter on grey plate

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What Is Cornbread?

Cornbread dates back hundreds of years as a staple of indigenous American cuisine. It originated in the Americas and has been a favorite side dish for decades. The original recipe for cornbread seems to have been a mix of ground corn, salt, and water. However European settlers brought their own ingredients that eventually were added in like buttermilk.

How Do I Store Leftover Cornbread?

For the first one or two days, you can store your cornbread in an airtight container or covered with plastic wrap on your counter at room temperature. After two days, be sure to put it in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Cornbread is one of the most versatile recipes there is that’s why this list will have you excited to bake! Or you can use one of the other cooking methods like a skillet or instant pot! 

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