DIY Christmas Ornaments :  Wood Slice Ornaments

These DIY Christmas Ornaments made from wood slices aren’t just too cute for words, they are SO EASY.


- Wood Slices - Craft Glue - Pom Pom, Yarn, or Ribbon trim - Scissors

See how to make your own DIY Vintage Christmas Ornaments from wood slices so you can have plenty in time for the holiday season.

Start by placing the wood slice over your paper of choice. Trace around it with a pencil.


Cut out the tracing. Trim it to fit the top of your wood slice.


Glue the decorative paper to the wood slice. Smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles.


Now you get to add the trim. We used a pom pom type ribbon. Measure the ribbon to fit around the wood slice.


Snip and glue the ribbon to the wood. Hold in place until secure.


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