Vintage Camper Makeover Before and After Tour!

I love a good vintage camper makeover story, don’t you? About ten years ago I bought my first vintage camper, a 1964 Lil Gem, and I was officially a fan of these old beauties.

As you can see Lorraine is a TowLow, so she actually cranks down for easy and compact towing, then can be raised back up to create a roomy living space.

I wanted to be able to give Lorraine a proper makeover without pouring a great deal of money into her. And so the vintage camper makeover began.  Here are some tips on painting your vintage camper.

Wash and dry the exterior thoroughly.


Gently remove any peeling paint.


Cover or remove any fixtures you don’t want to paint such as light fixtures.


Use only an outdoor, exterior paint otherwise your paint job will wear and fade fast.


Decide if you want to roll or spray your paint on.


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