Upcycled Vintage DIY Ornament Display Stands

Don’t you love a good trash to treasure project? I sure do. I recently came across a bunch of glass display stands at Goodwill, and since it was half off day I snagged them for $1 or less each.

My new best friend is beach glass spray paint because it is easy to use and an inexpensive way to dress up clear glass. It was all I needed to make these DIY ornament display stands.

Would you like to make your own?  Let’s get crafting. First things first, dig up any glass display stands you might have. This could include candy dishes, cake plates, and serving dishes.

Since you are only using these for display and not serving, the chips really don’t matter. Plus, the spray paint will cover the chips up making them less obvious.

Speaking of paint, let’s get working on that! How to spray paint glass?

Clean the glass pieces off well so the paint adheres without issue. You want the dishes to be as clean and dry as possible prior to painting. Just use hot water if possible.


Hold the spray paint 12 inches from the glass and start spraying small portions at a time. Keep the spray can moving so you aren’t focusing on one spot for too long.


Apply two coats of paint, allowing the paint to dry well in between coats. When you are done, you will have these beautiful, frosted display dishes!


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