Simple Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie Recipes

These old-fashioned sweet potato pie recipes will elevate your holiday table. With variations such as crispy brûlée topping, torched marshmallows, and even meringue!

We even present you with a few ideas to use purple sweet potatoes to make your dessert platter pop!

These sweet potato pie recipes are just like the classic recipe your Grandma and mom used to make sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving.

Classic Sweet Potato Pie

This recipe will warm your heart and tummy. Make sure to scrub and cut the potatoes into chunks before cooking them down.


Pie with Store Bought Crust

Grab your favorite store-bought crust and whip up this sweet potato filling. In 90 minutes you can have 2 big pies for the whole family and more.


Basic Sweet Potato Pie

Wash your potatoes, boil them, then place under cold running water and the skin will come off easily.


Southern Sweet Potato Pie

Southern sweet potato pie have a super flaky crust, creamy filling, and are full of warm spices.


Brown Butter Pie

Brown butter SP pie is extra delicious because the butter is melted down then simmered into a speckled nutty concoction.


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