Easy Upcycled Christmas Spice Tins

Vintage spice tins aren’t just for basic kitchen decor, they make super cute Christmas decor, too.


- Metal Spice Tins - Crafting Florist Foam - Hot Glue, Glue Gun - Fine Crafting Glitter

These upcycled Christmas spice tins are easy to make. If you love upcycled crafts, or just vintage Christmas decor, this is the perfect project for you. Here is how to get started.

Start by cutting the florist foam to fit the inside of your container. It doesn’t have to fit perfectly, just so it fills a majority of the container.


Start gluing larger craft scraps to the back of the container. I like to add my bottle brush trees, figurines, and candy canes towards the back since they offer height.


Add some front fillers. This can include greenery, small ornaments, pine cones, and small figurines.


Now add the fluff. This means filling in the small, bare spaces around the large items. For this I use small tufts of tinsel and holly leaves. Just glue into place.


Finish off the arrangement with a mist of spray adhesive. I found a small bottle of it at my local dollar store. Just hold 12 inches away and mist lightly.


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