Broken Glass Jello Recipe

This vintage inspired broken glass jello recipe is a sweet dessert option that is so colorful, fun, and kid friendly.


– Condensed Milk – Knox Unflavored Gelatin – Flavored Jello – Water – Dish or Jello Mold

It isn’t just colorful and sweet, but it is a vintage dessert recipe that really needs to make a massive comeback!

Start by preparing the flavored jello according to package directions. You will prepare each flavor in its own container.


Place the prepared jello mixtures in the refrigerator and allow to set until firm.


Mix the two packets of unflavored gelatin along with 1/2 cup cold water and 1 1/2 cups boiling water.


Cut the prepared flavored gelatin into cubes. Assemble them at the bottom of your container or jello mold.


Now place the container or jello mold in the fridge and allow it to set until firm. To be safe, I like to allow this dessert to set for at last 8-10 hours.


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